Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A 15yeas old grill was raped number of times

An 15 years old grill was raped a number tiomes in pakistan!
Zeba is 15 years old, originally from the southeast region, her parents died when she was a little child, her cousin Ali took her under custody and she grew up with his family as a refugee camp in Pakistan.

One day Ali told Zeba that he was going to take on trip and she agreed.
Zeba was handed to a man called Abdullah and a women living in his house.
Abdullah later told Zeba that he spent a lot of money for her and that she was his wife now.
Zeba wanted to refuse him but was afraid that he would kill her if she did.
She was not even able to communicate with Abdullah, well as he is a Dari speaker and she speaks only Pashto.
Zeba was raped a number of times after the Nikka (marriage) ceremony.
Towenty days later, Zeba had a chance to talk with her neighbor who understood Pashto and told her story.
While taking the women living in Abdullah’s house neighbor informed police and the arrested Abdullah."IOM"case record 2008.

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