Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stop killing civilians! Take action….

What is deferent between Taliban of Pakistani and Afghanistan?
All of them are killing civilians in every where by the name of Allah "ಗಡ".
Where is Afghanistan?
What is government and how government can stop violence against Taliban?

When a person know that he or she is dying in next 5ment
People are witching you how Taliban are killing you?
They carrying to punishing you, you are still smiling to them
They stop you where you don’t know? but you are listening the voice of people who are saying Allahu Akbar, which is mostly saying when they are killing animals.

A person come near of you and shoot a … you feel pain but it’s warm now and they shoot a lot to your body by the name of Allah “Ya Khoda”?

After they dance because they become happy, also they can laugh on you
People still don’t know why?
Of course now one wants to know.

You want to know where it happened. It’s happening in every where of Afghanistan also in every city of Pakistan.
Take action to stopping this tragedy of killing civilians.
Today they are in Afghanistan but tomorrow they near of your family.

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Parvati said...

Really shocking.
Everytime I read something about this, I can't stop thinking that maybe somebody is dieng on that way right now.
I can't treat Taliban as human people. Nobody who is mentally healthy can enjoy killing people as they do.

Congratulations for your blog, I like it so much.